What is Regional pitchfest?

Innovation is providing the opportunity for any Australian to start a business and have their first customer be anywhere in the world. There are literally thousands of Australians who are designing in their bedrooms, tinkering in their garage, working on their business and dreaming of selling to the world. 

Regional Pitchfest is designed and proven to help realise the potential and celebrate the success of Australia’s rural and regional entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses.

Regional Pitchfest is an opportunity to pitch your business to a live audience and expert panel for the chance to win a share of the competition prize pool. We are looking for regional Australia's innovators and entrepreneurs and are excited to be not only providing them a platform to launch from, but also a spotlight on the great opportunities in regional areas across the country.

Regional Pitchfest is a nationally known brand and is regarded as one of Australia's leading startup events. As demonstrated through successful previous partnerships including Australia Post and a long list of councils, business chambers, universities and other organisations, Regional Pitchfest has a proven product with long lasting impact. Regional Pitchfest is led by Founder Dianna Somerville - Nationally recognised leading regional entrepreneur and Community Manager of Bridge Hub - a Blue River Group company.

Blue River Group was established by Craig Shapiro and Grant Fuzi in 2015. Blue River is Australia's independent impact investment services firm. They help mobilise capital towards the rapidly growing local and global impact investment markets. They are a profit with purpose business.

Regional Australia, It’s Your Time to Shine!

Regional people are inherently innovative, they have to be! This is why our regions are full of such amazing ideas. It’s about time that we not only heard them but also celebrated them.
— Dianna Somerville, Founder Regional Pitchfest