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WSHQ is the Riverina’s invitation hub that houses co working space, hot desking, networking events and access to courses and professional development opportunities, online startup tools and more. In operation since 2015, WSHQ has taken the lead on regional ecosystem development from the grass roots up and has assisted successful startups and innovation programs such as 365cups, Pointer Remote Roles, Regional Pitchfest, Agrihack, Active Farmers, Agrinet and more. WSHQ built the first regional incubator program in Australia – incubate@35degrees and are close to reaching our target of assisting 100 startups by 2020 in the Riverina.

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Grassroots Winner

Dimity Brassil - A Lasting Tale


Dimity Brassil has worked as a professional writer, editor, podcaster, story-teller and adult educator for nearly 20 years. She’s at www.dimitybrassil.com

She’s aunty to nineteen, youngest of nine, mother of three, daughter from two, wife of one, and chats to many. Living in the vibrant regional city of Albury, Dimity’s an avid reader and an even better talker.

A close friend once commented on Dimity’s degree in history and English literature: “What on earth are you going to do with that? All you’re good for is making conversation”. She was right.

After a loved one dies, we yearn for their voice. A Lasting Tale empowers you to record the audio life stories of loved ones. They sell a DIY guide, run workshops and professional interviews. So, what’s next?

A mobile application creating a personalised interview. Licensed workshops. Join us to #heartheirstory

A Lasting Tale shows you how to record the audio life stories of the elderly and the dying. One day, Dimity could no longer recall the voice of her own father and sister, and she longed to hear their stories once again. Remembering the stories and the voice of our loved ones is a universal need. Dimity launched A Lasting Tale to fix that need.

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