It’s your chance to ‘Pitch’ in

IT’S not often regional Australia is given an opportunity to show off its entrepreneurs.

And it’s not often people of any age outside our capital cities who have ideas or business prowess are given the opportunity to “pitch” their idea or concept, which may gain them a helping hand to advance it.

After some years steering warships for the Royal Australian Navy, Wagga Wagga local Dianna Somerville found there was no platform for regional people to start-up their business or e-commerce ideas that may become income streams.

She had to head to the city to gain the know-how to start up her own business – now expanded to several based in the Wagga region.

“When I came back I realised there was no platform for regional people,” she said.

“If regional people want to pitch their idea and want to get a good profile, they had to go to the city to do it.

“That’s when I thought – why not bring that to the country?”

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Cristy Houghton