Tim Hayes - WIZENBOX

Hi, I am Tim Hayes,  I grew up in Perth, W.A   but spent most of my life from 13 onwards in Regional WA from Albany to Broome and places in between. I currently live in Bunbury, and have 3 children aged from 26 to 10. I am 50yrs of age.

I am a butcher by trade, though I have spent the last 20yrs of my life in the base metal mining industry. I went into mining with the hope of one day buying my own butcher shop, but found that the problem solving involved in base metal mining was much more challenging and suited me better.

I spent 6mths in Africa and discovered Biltong! I loved it and this lead to me developing my own style after lots of trial and error. My time in Africa also made me aware of how much food wastage we have here in Australia.  This got me involved with all facets if food drying. I have spent the last few years trying to develop a fun, more visual, more economical way of drying food.

After making some interesting creations, I think I have the answer and am ready to share my creation with the world.

WACristy Houghton