Selena Woodward - Edufolios - SA

Nestled in her home, atop a cliff in Moana Heights, South Australia, Selena sits focused on her goal of empowering her fellow educators to the very best they can be.  

Having started her career as an educator over a decade ago, her experience spans two countries, three subject areas, secondary and higher education and has positively impacted upon thousands of people.  Now a mum (to a fabulous four year old), a wife (to Matt the co-founder of Edufolios) an education consultant, trainer and an adjunct lecturer at Flinders University, Selena is a passionate educator and education advocate. She’s also, understandably, slightly addicted to coffee.

Edufolios was born out of Selena’s own frustrations with making meaning out of her own state and national professional development records. When her colleagues spotted what she was up to, they loved it and wanted one… then a school in QLD asked for 30 for their staff and she realised she really wasn’t the only one looking for a solution to this problem.  12 months on and she’s at the helm of a growing, award winning, business which is proving itself to be a highly productive, supportive and developing platform for teachers.