Roz Wallace & Debbie Saunders - Wildlife Drones

Ms Roz Wallace and Dr Debbie Saunders are the co-founders of Wildlife Drones. Between us, we have over 25 years’ experience studying a wide range of wildlife and we have first-hand experience of the pain involved in radio-tracking animals and the extremes that people currently need to go to, to change their perspective when attempting to pick up the faintest little “ping” on the radio of a distant wildlife tag …..from jumping in a canoe, to climbing up on top of anything they can to gain height, to flying helicopters or having large teams of people scour increasingly wider areas.

All of which are very time consuming, labour intensive and expensive. 

We saw that there had to be a better way! With the advent of drones came the opportunity  to set a new standard for large-scale radio-tracking research, and to give researchers and land managers the ability to vastly increase their knowledge of the natural world at a time when biodiversity is under threat like never before.

Our growing team, is now building its first commercial drone and we have been very busy getting ready to change the world … one cute and furry animal at a time!

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