Maggie McGowan - Magpie Goose

Maggie is the creator of MAGPIE GOOSE, a bold and unapologetic fashion label from Katherine. Raised in a hectic family in beautiful north-east Victoria, from a young age Maggie inherited her aunts' glamorous cast-off fashion and spent many weeks creating and documenting fashion-forward looks. Going on to study law and politics at Melbourne University, Maggie began working as a civil lawyer in the Northern Territory, working with Aboriginal clients in remote communities.

Through her work and travel across the Top End, Maggie spent many hours at community art centres, meeting many amazing artists in places like Wadeye, Gunbalanya, and the Tiwi Islands. She fell especially in love with the textiles coming out of these communities, showcasing the traditional stories, animals and plants of these communities, in a versatile, contemporary format.

Noticing Maggie's growing obsession with these textiles, Maggie's girlfriend Laura, of Enterprise Learning Projects, encouraged her to dream big, and in April 2016 Maggie started the Magpie Goose label, which she now runs full time. Magpie Goose is designed to bring the talent, creativity and culture of Top End textile artists to the world stage via fashion. Magpie Goose will create new economic opportunities for Aboriginal people in remote places, and give Australians access to this culture and creativity through striking and beautiful fashion that's starting conversations from Fremantle to Bruny Island and beyond.

NTCristy Houghton