Lochie Burke, Jack Cullen, Sam Lewinson & Daniel Moscaritolo - JAR Aerospace

Jack Cullen is a young ambitious aeronautical engineer with an eye for the future and the corresponding demand on technological acceleration that comes with it. Jack is a talented entrepreneur with aspirations to redefne the Australian Aerospace industry and set a global bench mark of innovation and reliability stemming from JAR Aerospace Pty Ltd.’s engineering division.

Sam Lewinson is a technical and profcient operator with a keen eye for business opportunity and development areas. As the company's Chief Marketing Operator, Sam is hands on in executing the direction and image of JAR Aerospace through business relations and internal decisions.

Daniel Moscaritolo is a driven and strategic operator with an unparalleled
diligence in his work. As Chief Technology Offcer, Daniel works closely in the company's engineering and technology division to ensure JAR Aerospace's revolutionary concepts are executed and produced. 

Lochie Burke is a hard working entrepreneur with a sharp mind for business and marketing with a background in sales management and economics. As Chief Operating Offcer, Lochie ensures the short term direction encompasses the long term visions of JAR Aerospace; its ambitions and ethics.

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