Liam Osawa - Career Maps

Liam was raised in Sydney, and moved to Canberra when he started University about three years ago. He started studying a Bachelor of Economics at the ANU and added a Law degree in his third year at University.

Liam has dabbled in the start-up area for several years, starting his first web-design and development business in Year 11 to save up for University. Throughout University he ran a tuition business to afford the many coffees he has a day. Most recently, he began ExamineChange, a non-profit which provides data analytics to social enterprises and charities and provides students with valuable experience to prepare for their graduate roles.

Over time, Liam became more interested in data, looking at different ways it could be applied and where it could provide major benefits to other students. While watching his friends stress out over their graduate applications, he realised that data could help. He was curious on what the ‘perfect’ candidate would look like and began to scrape data on thousands of graduates, leading to CareerMaps.

In his spare time, he loves to run, cycle, and watch Netflix with his house-mates.

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