John Hyslop - Deviant Distillery - TAS

John is a 30-year-old Tasmanian native and is known for his love of three things, science, whisky, and his dog – though not necessarily in that order.  He spends his days distilling and his nights bartending to fund his brain child Deviant Distillery which is set to release its first products soon. 

His mother has many childhood tales of his inventive nature and need to tinker with everything he sees, culminating in a pulled apart and put back together Mk II Toyota Supra which depending on who you ask either produced more power than the manufacturer had ever thought possible or made an intermittent clanging noise followed by puffs of smoke for the rest of its controversial life.  

After a knee injury cut short his attempted career as an army officer John shifted his attentions to academia.  Studying basically every science he could at university, before focussing on chemistry.

Following a short career in chemical engineering John secured himself a position at a prestigious Tasmanian distillery, first on the bottling line, then as a distiller.  While there he learned everything, he could about making whisky.  All the while his desire to tinker with everything he saw led him to create the whisky aging technology that is the foundation of Deviant Distillery.