Jeremy Hurst, Daniel McCullen and Daniel Franco - SpacetoCo

Jeremy Hurst lives in Hovea outside of Perth, WA. He is a former educator with 13 years experience in education. More recently he worked in IT consultancy, heading up a team of 5 - this role involved strategy planning with school leaders to implement teaching and learning practices with technology. Jeremy loves the opportunities that technology creates in society and is always looking for ways to share and take advantage of these changes. In 2015, Jeremy became an Airbnb host at his Hovea property and also studied U.Lab, (Transforming, Business, Society and Self). It was the combination of all these experiences which led Jeremy to found and then build the idea of SpacetoCo. A new sharing economy business for the short-term rental of Spaces. 

Jeremy’s experience of working in schools, participating in the sharing economy, travel and a passion for protecting the environment have all shaped the values that makes up this exciting new business.  

Realising the idea was bigger than one person, Jeremy enlisted two co-founders, Daniel Franco who he worked with in educational technology and Daniel McCullen, to develop and grow the business. All three co-founders work full-time on SpacetoCo.

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