James Baird - Localised

James is the CEO and founder of Localised - a B2B procurement platform focussed on connecting local suppliers to local procurement opportunities in regional economies.

James lives in Geelong and is passionate about regional communities. James’ vision is for Localised to have real and positive impact on the economic prosperity of regional Australian communities.

James founded Localised after his own personal experience as founder of the professional services marketplace, Pundit Connect, and as a founding partner of communications consultancy, StratHouse.

In starting StratHouse James experienced first hand how long it can take to build new business relationships. When implementing Pundit Connect he was also privileged to talk to hundreds of regional businesses about how they procure and how they pitch. James learnt that the lack of visibility of local capacity for many businesses was a major barrier to connecting locals to local projects.

Both these experiences, coupled with a career working on regional policy issues at a state and federal level, including a stint as a senior political and policy advisor to Malcolm Turnbull, James identified a real need to better connect local businesses and motivated him to launch Localised.

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