Hayley Wells & Codie Palmer - Illegal Tender Rum Co - WA

Illegal Tender Rum Co Pty Ltd was founded in August of 2015 by Codie Palmer who is our head distiller and director and his partner Hayley Wells who manages all of the administration and Sales for the distillery.

Illegal Tender Rum Co is situated in the town of Dongara, Western Australia just a short 3 hrs North of Perth along the Batavia Coast.

We are a boutique Rum Distillery wholly and solely. Our goal is simple to create the best Rum Australia has to offer. We source local Australian products, which we then distil in our 4 plate 8"column still.

To date we have two products that are paving the way for our company as we wait the mandatory 2 years for our barrel aged rum to be ready.

We have our bushtucker spiced which is a 1 month barrel aged cane spirit which is then spiced with 5 native Australian Bush tucker ingredients as well as some of the traditional spices.

We then made way for a neutral cane spirit which recently won a Bronze at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirit Awards. This Neutral Cane Spirit is a great base spirit for cocktails as well as for those that enjoy their spirits neat.

We operate out of a custom fitted barn shed at present and which to expand into a cellar door to accommodate the many tourists and locals who wish to see the magic behind a great Rum.