Devan Sabaratnam - HR Partner

Devan was born in a small coastal fishing village on the East coast of Malaysia.  When he was 12 in 1978, his family migrated to Darwin, Australia, and have never looked back since.

Having completed middle school in Darwin, as well as high school in Adelaide, Devan then embarked on a course of study at the Australian Aviation College with a view to obtaining his Commercial Pilot Licence.

Aviation jobs were hard to come by when Devan finally got his wings, but this was the same time that IBM first released their PC computer - a move that was to revolutionise the world in terms of technology.

From spending hours learning how to program his father’s IBM PC/XT, Devan found a new passion for IT, and was quickly snapped up by the local IBM dealership to work as a support consultant and in house programmer.

In 1988, Devan left that dealership to start his own business, and indeed has run 3 successfull software companies in that time, writing thousands of applications and utilities for businesses all over Australia and the world.

Having recently turned 50, Devan has taken a left turn in his career, and decided to build a business that can be run from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to employ people from anywhere in the world to work with him.  He works with a co-founder, Hannah Wright, who is based in Alaska, USA, and together they have created HR Partner, a human resources cloud application that is in use by users all over the world.

Devan is married with two young sons, and is looking forward to doing a lot of remote travelling over the coming years to visit his customers and staff that are spread in all corners of the globe.  When not cutting code, Devan enjoys playing guitar and honing his fitness and personal discipline via the art of Kendo.

NTCristy Houghton