Brian Stafford - WheelieSafe

I was born some 77 years ago in Parkes, NSW. I started work in a local bank and later completed the matriculation at night school in Sydney. I attended Sydney University and gained an honours degree in economics, which I subsequently supplemented with a Masters degree.

I worked for the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Economist Intelligence Unit in London. I returned to Australia in 1971 and built campervans and boats before joining the NSW Public Service. In 1982 I joined ANM in Tasmania, but left after five years to set up my own consulting and intelligence service in the pulp and paper industry. Besides a monthly intelligence report and years books Ausnewz Pulp & Paper published widely on the industry in Australasia, Indonesia, Japan and China.

I was married in 1970 and have three children: two daughters and a son.

I sold publishing business and retired in 2000, but with insufficient to occupy my mind I took to developing a solution to handling multiple and very heavy wheelie bins, especially on adverse grades. I have spent the last eight years developing and marketing the WheelieSafe system.

TASCristy Houghton