Ben Whale & Cliff Senkbeil - Yura

Yura is a rethinking of how electronic transactions are handled. Why does taking a $0.50 payment though Paypal cost $0.35? The answer is because our current payment systems are built on outdated historical assumptions.

Yura is the payment system that results when these invalid assumptions are ignored.

Ben loves to learn and is curious about why things are, the way they. Being too stubborn to shy away from a challenge, he loves it when people tell him something is "hard". His career has taken him from management consultancy, through academia and to software development. He is currently a principal at a small actuarial firm.

Cliff is an indefatigable entrepreneur with a penchant for experimentation. After moving an actuarial firm into the age of automation, he founded a software consultancy specialising in data visualisation and application development. Currently, Cliff heads the Australian software development team for a large multinational.

Both Ben and Cliff want to see a world where electronic payment be made and accepted just as easily as cash.

TASCristy Houghton