Anne-Marie Walton - Wantu

Anne-Marie is the Founder of Wantu and brings a wealth of experience to this exciting venture. Her background in national-level Human Resource Management roles and array of project management experience coupled with the recent discovery of lean and agile business methods means she’s the ideal driver of this innovative and unique parenting tool.

Being a non-tech female over fifty, Anne-Marie has embraced the startup sector in Queensland and found that the exponential learnings she makes everyday in running Wantu provides even more opportunity to give back and support others moving into the innovation field. To that end, and to support funding Wantu, she works as Operations Manager of Fire Station 101, an innovation hub in Ipswich, Queensland and spends one day a week as a Project Officer for the USQ WiRE program, helping to develop a program to provide women in rural regional and remote Qld with entrepreneurial skills and tools to pursue their own ideas and businesses.

Lastly, yet most importantly Anne-Marie is a Mum. Her sons are adults now, but were the catalyst for what is now Wantu, they are her biggest supporters and also help out with IT, creative and accounting support when begged.

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