Anna Yip - Off The Table

Anna Yip is the Founder and Director of Off the table. She is a trained Service Designer and entrepreneur, having established a service design consulting company in 2014, called Seriously Worthy. Anna is based in Hobart, Tasmania, and is also the Public Officer for Startup Tasmania, Board of Directors.

Anna’s professional background is largely in the public and social services industry. For over 12 years, Anna has worked in Australia and Internationally (Laos and Solomon Islands), in policy and strategy, program and change management and partnership development roles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English literature and Industrial Relations, and a Masters of Commerce, majoring in Strategy and Marketing.

Off the table is a culmination of Anna’s two greatest loves- food and travel. Whilst she is unlikely to make the finalists on Master Chef, she considers herself to have significant food eating experience in many countries all around the world. She believes that tastes are made up of more than just flavors; they are shaped by memories and experiences. As a massive foodie, she loves being able to travel and explore the world of food in ways other than just dining experiences at restaurants, that connects her with people, places, histories and cultures. 

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