Angela del Pino - Delpino's Ethical Department Store

Angela del Pino is the Founder and Director of Delpino’s Ethical Department Store; running the nation-wide online platform from her coastal townhouse in Bunbury. With a background in International Aid and Development, Angela did not see her business mindset and community experience as contradicting and searched for ways to combine her passions. Completing a degree in Community Development and a second degree in Human Resource Management, her strategic mindset never wavered. 

As a business woman, Angela works swiftly and without delay, using every day as an opportunity to learn and apply those learnings to improve the world. 

After moving from a full-time corporate position to entrepreneur last year, Angela tells of her head and heart being filled with enormous dreams and endless possibilities, finally throwing herself wholeheartedly at this challenge to make ethical purchasing easier for Australians. 

Researching the habits of Australian consumers, Angela positioned her store strategically in an accessible online platform to create a place where brands are brought together who think beyond the consumer and profiteer, and look out into the world to make it a better place. 

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