Suzanne Carroll

Suzanne Carroll has lived in Australia for 30 years next March, and you will soon realise after hearing her speak, she originated from England. Having lived in Australia since 1987, you will soon realise that Suzanne Carroll’s English accent is a strong part of her character.

After many years (she won't say how long exactly) working in the corporate world of Sales & Marketing Management, Suzanne discovered that a product that she had been searching for, wasn’t in the market. From that moment, she took hold of her concept and hit the road. By the end of that same day Cool Clutch was a registered business and had a registered domain  She contacted 32 manufacturers to discuss her vision and as she knew her concept had originality, contacted a patent attorney.

After researching all the manufacturers, Suzanne decided to closely work with 3 on her designs, resulting in the birth of the original Cool Clutch range. The bags are named after every female member of Suzanne's family.

 Suzanne has been actively networking at fundraising events as well as at her local Market to gain an understanding of the handbags demographic, and to get direct customer feedback. The Cool Clutch family has grown from the initial order of 11 handbag styles in May 2016 to a current total of 51 styles.

With a love for anything IT related Suzanne has shown to be a natural in building a strong Social media following. The Instagram account concentrates on building a lifestyle brand with all posts created by Suzanne including hashtag creation and photographs. For years Suzanne has been an avid personal Facebook user so adding a company Facebook Page was an easy task. Within months of having a page, she has created a feeling of a community within Cool Clutch customers, offering special deals, competitions and handbags named by, and/or after, Cool Clutch customers. Twitter is used to distribute her regular blogs uploaded onto the website and she has a natural flair for honest and often amusing articles about the life behind the scenes at Cool Clutch.

The business is based at the family owned property in Gisborne, Victoria and Cool Clutch plans to be a household name in 5 years. In the meantime Suzanne is taking Cool Clutch to the world, starting with exporting to Europe in 2017 and the rest of the world by 2019.

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