Samantha Brunskill

Inspired entrepreneur, tireless advocate, committed mentor, enthusiastic lifelong learner –Samantha Brunskill is among the new generation of multi-passionate businesswomen.

While she refuses to be pigeon-holed, Samantha uses her many talents to serve a common goal: community building. It’s this bold thinking that drives her to achieve and underpins her success in her day-today career as property developer.

Samantha is driven by a desire to give people a sense of belonging, and her passion extends to building connected communities through urban design and turning the traditional profit-focused model of property development on its head. Shadowing her father, Doug, on the farm and in property development from a young age, Sam saw him battle set-backs and red-tape to bring Brunslea Park Estate to life. Armed only with a phone book, Sam took on the role of Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Brunslea Park and her hard-working and tenacious approach saw her build the estate to the success it is today.

Resilient, raw and creative, Sam is ever-eager to give back and help her community be the best it can be. She has taken on various charitable projects and voluntary roles, including national ambassador for the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund and becoming a patron of the Rotary Shine Awards.

A fledgling writer and keen supporter of the Ignite Mentor program, Sam was named Young Entrepreneur at the 2016 Crow Awards.

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