Rod Mafohla

Photo credit: The Daily Advertiser

Photo credit: The Daily Advertiser

Rod was born and raised in Zimbabwe, he worked as a Firefighter-cum-Ambulance Officer before moving to Australia in 2005.

After moving to Australia undertook Tafe courses whilst working at the abattoir and then as Firefighter with the Wagga Fire Brigade on a part-time basis before deciding to undertake a Bachelor of Accounting at CSU Wagga Full time in 2014.

During his spare time he likes to invent things and cartooning as well and so far has got a couple of inventions that he hopes one day will be the next big thing. Rod’s invention involves saving toddlers from bathtub drowning through a drownavert non-slip mat that comes with a new design bathtub or as an attachment to the existing bathtubs in our homes.

‘Responsible parents let us rally behind this invention to save our kids’ lives and have a piece of mind in our homes’.

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