Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon is a local teenager who is passionate about web design, electronics and 3D printing. At age 13, Michael established MetroX Studio, a web and graphic design business servicing clients from Wagga Wagga to as far north as Port Macquarie. In the local community, Michael is only too happy to share his knowledge and regularly gives his time to assist students in the robotics program at Sturt Public School.

This interest in electronics, 3D printing and technology has led to Michael enter the Regional Pitchfest competition to kick start his next business venture EduKits Australia. EduKits Australia will be a supplier of 3D printers, electronics and S.T.E.M. kits for both home and classroom based learning. Michael is keen to ensure that Regional Australia is given a head start in exploring and understanding this new technology. EduKits Australia will be the vehicle to make this happen.

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