Erin Griffin

Hailing from the regional town of Bendigo, Erin Griffin currently sits behind her mac laptop, typing away both day and night to make The Set Up a success. With a big idea and a small budget, the concept grew from a last-minute purchase of an Australian branded t-shirt before a holiday, and 10 solid days of sleepless nights, a lot of coffee and many in depth (read brain numbing) conversations with her sounding board friends and family. A love affair had been brewing with Australian brands for many years, along with a desire to be able to not only connect with these brands, but empower and assist them.

Working as an Ad (wo)Man at a local Creative Agency (RAAK), Erin spends most of her days working with brands who are also striving to make their dreams come true and who share the same passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

At just 25, Erin lives in a world where society expects her to be constantly keeping eyes

attached to technology, whilst keeping her head both above water, and in the clouds. What she may lack in experience, she makes up for in determination, and her desire to be constantly self-educating

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