Introducing the Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest Finalists

Its been a busy month in the Regions around NSW with the 2019 Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest local heats taking place in 11 regional locations. We are now thrilled to be able to introduce to you our 11 regional finalists who will be joining us in Sydney in August for a 3 day bootcamp and competing in the semi-final where the 5 finalists will be chosen to join us in Wagga Wagga for the State final in September.

Introducing our 11 Regional Finalists – for more information click on the links!

  • Armidale – Danielle Morton - Zondii -

    Danielle is the founder and CEO of Zondii, an online community for healthy food and products. Through innovative technology Danielle has created a dual sided marketplace for passionate farmers and health advocates to connect with consumers and each other.
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  • Bathurst – Sally Hennessy - Beyond Vision Travel

    Combining a love of travel and providing opportunities and interest for people who are vision impaired - Sally wanted to run tours to cater for people who are vision impaired, assist others to understand and work with people who are vision impaired. “I want to give people a purpose and interest outside their immediate network, a love of travel and something to get interested in”.

  • Broken Hill – Lee Cecchin – Pandoras Palate

    Pandora's Palate is a family-run Gourmet Food business and is spearheaded by Broken Hill chef and founder Lee Cecchin. Their product line has a contemporary flair by incorporating fresh, seasonal, local ingredients from regional produce including bush flavours to her range of products which are unique to the outback mining town of Broken Hill NSW where Lee grew up.

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  • Byron Bay – Jonas Widjaja – Fair Game Wild Venison

    Fair Game Wild Venison is a premium quality, wild-caught venison product delivered straight to you from the wilderness. As an un-farmed product, their venison is all natural and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

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  • Coffs Harbour – Tony Rothacker – Tracee App is the new way to troubleshoot your internet connection. The will check important aspects of your internet connection. If the test comes back negative it will let you know how to fix it and send the report to your ISP or request technician support.

    For more information visit - FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN | WEBSITE

  • Dubbo – Leanne O’Sullivan – Summit School with Leanne O

    After 20 years experience in the marketing industry Leannes new project Summit School with Leanne O is providing up to date Digital Marketing Skills training focusing on the 4 key areas of a Digital Ecosystem - WEB/SOCIAL/CONTENT/SEO – teaching businesses how to create, implement & measure their own Digital Strategy.

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  • Hunter Region – Susan Ryan – UUKOO

    Families are time poor. Uukoo allows them to share their life with their loved one on-the-run.

    Using a tablet device, the person living with dementia has access to a menu of functions, all of which are specifically designed to create and maintain social connections with their loved ones, their community and their past. It facilitates regular feelings of pleasure and belonging, which in turn reduces loneliness and increases wellness.

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  • Lightning Ridge (Virtual Pitch) – Kathy Hubble – Amelio Health

    Amelio Health is providing an online chronic pain program for people in pain and their health professional. They provide evidence based best practice for the management of chronic pain, and change in practice for health professionals, which is data driven from an app and wearable devices to their Amelio Health coaches.

    For more information visit - LINKEDIN | WEBSITE

  • Wagga Wagga – Dimity Brassil – A Lasting Tale

    After a loved one dies, we yearn for their voice. A Lasting Tale empowers you to record the audio life stories of loved ones. They sell a DIY guide, run workshops and professional interviews.

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  • Wollongong – Ella Gibbons – The Atlas of Consciousness

    For the last two years Ella has been dedicated to sharing cutting edge ideas in a multi-media company making videos, podcasts, and books called ‘The Atlas of Consciousness’, which fuse inner Spirituality and deeper Awareness with solutions to our world’s largest issues.

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  • Young – Narelle Hunter – PA2health

    PA2health is a digital innovation, developed by 5 co-founders, who passionately care about the health and well-being of Regional Australians. The 4-week challenge is delivered via a Chatbot, on Facebook messenger. Healthy eating, exercise and mindful stress management strategies are offered as weekly challenges.

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We are excited to meet our finalists, stay tuned to our blog for all the adventures of the Regional Bootcamp when we take them to Sydney in August.

Dianna Somerville