Regional Pitchfest 2019 | Dimity Brassil chosen to represent the Riverina

Article taken from The Daily Advertiser - Original article can be found here

Date: 21 June, 2019

DIMITY Brassil has successfully made her pitch, moving on to the next round of Regional Pitchfest as the Riverina representative. 

The former Wagga resident, who now lives in Albury, was up against four tough competitors - but came out on top with an unanimous victory. 

Ms Brassil's pitch was focused on her creation, A Lasting Tale, which was launched in September last year. The concept is simply to capture a loved one's stories in their own voice. 

"When somebody dies the first thing we forget is the sound of their voice," Ms Brassil said during her pitch on Thursday night.

"A couple years after my father and sister died, I realised that I couldn't hear their voice anymore and couldn't recall the stories they told me and that naturally made me feel sad.

"I don't want that to happen to me again and I don't want a regret like that and for other people to feel like that." 

It was with this feeling - and discovering the value of mobile phones - that sparked the idea for A Lasting Tale.

"Most people don't know they have audio devices on smartphones, and if they do they don't know how to use it properly or don't feel confident interviewing or they don't know what questions to ask," Ms Brassil said.

"And that's where A Lasting Tale comes in because we empower people to record the audio life story of oneself, the elderly and of the dying.

"When people come to A Lasting Tale they will learn how to record audio on their smartphone, how to set up their home like a professional recording studio, how to interview like Oprah Winfrey and ask questions like Andrew Denton." 

At the moment she renders her services to create the audio life stories and hold hands-on workshops. But, she has hopes of creating an app that promotes a DIY concept in the future.

Ms Brassil said the local heat of Regional Pitchfest has been a wonderful experience and is excited to continue her journey in the competition.

"It has been so collegiate and everyone gave improvements to everyone's pitch," she said.

The other entrants at the local heat were Fiona Moloney, of Boutique Guru, Meredith West, of Dough Re Mi, Zac Robinson, of Inspect Elect, and Adam Drummond of REECHTV and Media.

Dianna Somerville