Albury-founded startup secures contract with United States PGA


It was at the first Regional Pitchfest in Wagga Wagga last year that we first came across the Albury-based sports technology startup

At the time, founding team members Andy Shuttleworth and Will Hood told Silicon Paddock that the opportunity to build a global business while still being based in regional Australia is open to anyone as long as they were willing to ‘have a crack’.

Over the past 12 months the company has focused in on its core offering and the technology that drives it, which has resulted in the platform Tee 2 Green Visuals.

The platform allows golfers to virtually experience (with great accuracy) club golf courses prior to playing or even visiting the location. The startup uses UAV vision, computer generated imagery, and NFC wireless technology to deliver the most in-depth and detailed virtual experience to the end user.

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Cristy Houghton