Andre Eikmeier

After years of poverty, stupidity, half an accounting degree, a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia's worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a failed theatre production company which led to an event management company to pay off its debts, a job on the phones at a direct marketing wine company, a one-man video production company that was meant to be a film company but never quite got there, an online wine social site which made absolutely no money, and a year-long kombi wine adventure travelling round the country...

... Andre finally launched online wine site Vinomofo with brother in law Justin in 2011.

They just wanted to “do something cool and useful for the wine industry”, and it's grown to be one of the most successful wine sites in the country, winning a host of business awards including Deloitte's Fastest Growing Tech company in 2013, BRW’s Best Employer in 2014 and ORIA’s Online Retailer of the Year 2015.

In four years, the company has grown from two founders in their garage to 90 staff, nearly 400,000 members, an annual turnover of $50 million, and they’re now taking Vinomofo to the world.

“We don’t just want everyone to be able to experience good wine - we want to be proud of what we do and our impact on the planet, and we want to have fun,” says Andre.

SACristy Houghton