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What is Australia Post Regional Pitchfest?

Australia Post Regional Pitchfest is designed to help realise the potential and celebrate the success of Australia’s rural and regional entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses. The Australia Post Regional Pitchfest provides a platform for you to pitch your business or idea to a live audience and expert panel for the chance to win a share of $100,000 in prizes.

Is it difficult to enter?

It’s not difficult to enter at all and entry is free.  Australia Post Regional Pitchfest is open to anyone living in one of our designated regional or rural locations across the country. To check your eligibility, please enter your postcode in the ‘Apply Now’ section.

Applications are open until Sunday 30th April via

  1. Fill out the application form online and add a profile pic of yourself;
  2. Upload your 1 minute video pitch that tells us about your great idea, and why you should win a share of $100,000 in prizes to take it further; and finally
  3. Add a 200 word bio about yourself and your journey so far.

What are the key dates

Applications Close: 11.59pm AEST Sunday 30th April, 2017

Finalists Announced: Monday 8th May, 2017 via the website

Finalists Business Growth Immersion Workshop Bootcamp: Tuesday 30th May and Wednesday 31st May


Victoria - Ballarat - Wednesday 7th June

Australian Capital Territory - Canberra - Friday 16th June

Tasmania - Launceston - Thursday 22nd June

Queensland - Toowoomba - Tuesday 27th June

New South Wales - Dubbo - Wednesday 5th July

Northern Territory - Darwin - Friday 14th July

Western Australia - Bunbury - Friday 21st July

South Australia - McLaren Vale - Friday 28th July


New South Wales - Wagga Wagga - Friday 18th August

Why would I enter?

The question should be: why wouldn’t you? It’s free, easy to enter and the potential benefits are enormous!

What does Australia Post Regional Pitchfest involve?

Aside from the exciting live State/Territory and national Gala events where finalists pitch their business ideas to a judging panel of Australian business leaders, we are also running an extensive program of business growth events in each host city.

The program includes:

Tall Poppies Breakfast - a networking breakfast to celebrate rural and regional female entrepreneurs and their small business success stories.

Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) Startup Intensive Workshop – Introducing entrepreneurs and small business owners to the fundamentals of startups, MAP provides practical advice and tools to help take your business to the next level.

Illuminate: nextgen challenge – a high school student program to develop a business idea, plan and pitch to solve a community problem.

Go and Grow Online Workshop – a practical eCommerce workshop helping businesses learn how to get online and grow their business.


I live in the city but my business is based regionally, can I apply?

If you reside in a metropolitan area but your business is based regionally you are not eligible to apply. Eligibility criteria is based on an applicants’ residential address. Please check your residential postcode here.

I live in a rural/regional area but my business is based in the city? Can I apply?

Yes, if you reside in a rural or regional area of Australia we’d love to hear from you.

My area is not included in the eligibility criteria but I consider it regional and rural?

Australia Post Regional Pitchfest is open to anyone living in one of our designated regional or rural locations across the country. Australia Post is endeavouring to be as inclusive as possible with this year’s criteria. We’ve defined regional and rural areas based on a combination of the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s 2011 ARIA classification (AccessibilityRemoteness Index of Australia) and Australia Post’s own data.

We are encouraging anyone who is unsure if their location is eligible to check their postcode here. If your area is not included in this inaugural year of the national program please send us an email and your postcode to for future consideration.

Why are Darwin and Canberra included when they are capital cities?

Australia Post is endeavouring to be as inclusive as possible with this year’s criteria and every state and territory is involved.  Some capital cities including Darwin and Canberra have been included given the population of these cities within these territories.



I have an idea but it’s not yet a business – can I still apply?

Absolutely! We want to hear from you. However, if you’re selected as a finalist and pitching to the judges, it will be important to have considered the development of your idea including proposed business model, target audience, marketing, profitability, challenges and opportunities. Think about this when you’re developing your one minute application pitch.

I don’t have professional camera gear to film my pitch application?

No problem – if you have a smart phone or can borrow one, just use the video camera on it to film your 1 minute pitch.

What should I cover in my 1-minute pitch?

You only have 60 seconds to sell us why you should progress through to the state final – our judges are looking for a clearly articulated problem or solution and how your business idea is going to address it and grow. The key is rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! For more details on the judging criteria, keep reading below and use our useful information at Pitch Deck Perfect.

What sort of photo should I send in?

  • Your photo should have a clean or monotone background
  • Your photo should be a headshot – medium shot of just you, from mid waist to top of the head, make sure there is some room to crop on the sides of photo if required
  • Don't forget to smile!

What can I do if I’m not selected as a finalist?

That’s okay – don’t give up and try again in 2018. In the meantime, keep pursuing and refining your idea, use our useful information at Pitch Deck Perfect and find other avenues for funding and mentoring to see it through! 

If I’m not selected as a finalist. Can I get feedback on my application?

Unfortunately given the volume of expected applications, we will be unable to provide individual feedback for every applicant.


How many people go through to each final?

There will be five finalists pitching in each state/territory. Every state/territory winner (8 in total) will then travel and pitch at the National Gala Event in Wagga Wagga on Friday 18th August.

Do I have to pay for my travel and accommodation costs if I’m a finalist or state/territory winner?

No, all travel and accommodation costs for finalists to attend their state/territory pitch event and state/territory winners travelling to the national Gala will be covered by Australia Post*.  This applies to finalists/winners on the original application only, not family members or friends.

How do I prepare if I’m a finalist?

Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with support every step of the way including a two-day Business Growth Immersion workshop and useful online information to help you develop and prepare your pitch for the state/territory final.

What dates do I need to be available for if I am a State/ Territory finalist?

All state/territory finalists will be invited to attend a Business Growth Immersion workshop in Melbourne for two days/nights from 30th to 31st May (flights/accommodation costs will be covered).

On the evening before your state/territory pitch event, finalists will be invited for a 30 minute meet and greet with the Regional Pitchfest Founder, Dianna Somerville (Di). A great opportunity to practise your pitch on Di! Appropriate times will be discussed and agreed with finalists prior to the event.

Finalists will also be involved in the Pitchfest process from 12 noon on the day of your state/territory final until the conclusion of the event.

What happens if I am a State/ Territory winner?

All state/territory winners will need to be available:

  • At the immediate conclusion of their relevant state/territory event for media interviews and photos;
  • For media commitments, the day after their relevant state/territory event;
  • To travel to Wagga Wagga for two nights, three days from 17th – 19th August to attend National Gala Event held in Wagga; and
  • The national winner will also be required for media commitments in Wagga Wagga (or as directed by officials) on the 19th August and remotely for any additional media commitments in the week following the Gala.


What is the judging criteria?

Regional Pitchfest applications and event pitches will be judged on two (2) key areas:

  • The Pitch
    • Problem/solution (clearly articulated/shown)
  • The Business
    • Market traction
    • Customer value proposition
    • Business/commercial model
    • Scaleable

Who are the judges and how did you select them?

A list of judges for each state/territory event is available on the individual state pages. Each judge was selected for their experience and expertise as an Australian business leader willing to share their own interesting stories and journey of success.


Why did those towns get selected to hold the pitch events?

This year’s event towns were selected because of their vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems and ease of accessibility from other regional locations for the events.

How can I attend a local event?         

Tickets will go on sale for each event and the Gala finale event in May via the website. Ticket prices will be nominal with profits/proceeds going to local nominated charities.


Why is Australia Post involved?

eCommerce is providing the opportunity for any Australian entrepreneur and small business, no matter where they are located, to reach customers globally. At Australia Post, we believe we should be celebrating regional innovators, small business and entrepreneurs as well as creating opportunities and resources to support new business growth which is we why we are launching Australia Post Regional Pitchfest.

What else does Australia Post do for regional communities?

Australia Post has always been more than just a business; for over 200 years we have committed to improving the lives of our customers, workforce, and communities by connecting Australians to loved ones, essential services, consumers and businesses.

We believe that everyone should take part in Australia’s future prosperity, which is why we support groups of vulnerable Australians and tackle important national issues through initiatives like the Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program, national partnership network and our ongoing community engagement programs.


If we haven’t covered your question here, please email us at and we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.