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Sourdough Business Pathways 

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Sourdough Start Ups is a part of the Northern Rivers group Sourdough Business Pathways and is part of the Jobs for NSW Local Innovation Network (LIN). We are working in collaboration with Jobs for NSW and the other LINs to grow the awareness of our local startup ecosystem and to engage with the many startups across the Northern Rivers region. We are seeing a lot of interest in our startup activities and are very excited to be partnering with Regional Pitchfest NSW to run our local event in June 27. This event will be run by our Head of Entrepreneurial Education, Kylee Ingram who has both Australian and international experience in the startup space. We have already run several startup events this year and are looking forward to these culminating on this state-wide event in June.

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Monique Jowsey - Exequias
Jonas Widjaja - Fair Game Wild Venison
Linda Bee - Sponsity
Bev Dhnaram - Soft Landing
Tegan Cork - Journey Outdoors In Nature
Jan Svarovsky - Rovenna

Grassroots Winner

Jonas Widjaja - Fair Game Wild Venison

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Jonas will finish your dinner. Especially if you've left any meat on the plate. Imagine the strong disapproval when he heard that the deer population was such a huge problem that venison was left on the ground when numbers deer numbers were controlled.

For years he has been developing solutions and building networks to find ways not to waste this protein. From this venture, he will support struggling farmers, relieve environmental stress and feed people a highly nutritious, ethically harvested and super tasty heart-healthy red meat.

Fair Game Wild Venison is a premium quality, wild-caught venison product delivered straight to you from the wilderness. As an un-farmed product, their venison is all natural and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

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