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Whether your business is nothing more than an idea backed by a good attitude, or you have a team, client list and are ready to take your business to the next level. Here at Upstairs Startup Hub we strive to make your business a success. No catches, no fine print. Only the goal of achieving your dream.

By joining the Upstairs community you join a culture and community of like-minded innovative thinkers, working together, in developing ideas into reality. The space provides a range of opportunities and networks not just throughout the Central West of NSW, but also into the Metro areas and beyond. This includes events, investors, potential partners, accelerators and so much more.

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Grassroots Winner

Sally Hennessy - Beyond Vision Travel

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Sally, a teacher for 20 years has provided a wide range of experiences and skills. Most recently she has spent 10 years working with students with a vision impairment. “I work directly with students, their families and schools. I have a masters degree in teaching people with a vision impairment and became the Assistance Principal for the Itinerant Vision Support Team”.

As a vision support teacher one of Sally’s proprieties was organising and running ‘Vision Camp’ to provide experiences for the students to develop their skills, independence, friendships and assist them to find a ‘why’ for getting a job and seeing the world.

Recently, she has been involved Australian Tours and Cruises an online travel agency specialising in travel in Australia.

Combining a love of travel and providing opportunities and interest for people who are vision impaired - Sally wanted to run tours to cater for people who are vision impaired, assist others to understand and work with people who are vision impaired. “I want to give people a purpose and interest outside their immediate network, a love of travel and something to get interested in”.